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English ap english language & composition junior course

Graduate School Personal Statement Examples. A personal statement for graduate school is one of the common requirements of a graduate school application.

Discussions are roughly the equivalent of homework in a schoolbased AP English class. Annie Dillard and John Irving describe aspects of their process as writers students respond to the readings while talking about their own writing process. Discussions, worth 30 of the final grade, are evaluated based upon the depth, insight and thoughtfulness of each posted comment. The student must be able to communicate with the instructor via email. Your essay would defend, challenge, or qualify his points, frequently summarizing or quoting Jeffersons logic and evidence, but supporting your thesis with other sources. Read the following opposing philosophical statements before answering the question that follows Nothing can possibly be conceived in the world, nor even out of it, which can be called good without qualification, except a Good Will. Each review describes the resource and suggests ways it might be used in the classroom. Read Part 1, 2, and 3 of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Identify figurative language within poem. Effort, and improvement over time, are considered in the assignment of a grade, especially as the course progresses. First they are asked to carefully review all student and instructor suggestions for revision, paraphrasing them and grouping them into categories issues of organization, of development, of grammar, and so on. An understanding of these issues might enrich your essay, but dont get distracted by some issue that doesnt both support your point and answer the question. It is equally appropriate to make use of several kinds of evidence OR to extensively discuss just one in your essay as long as you provide an adequate amount of detailed support. Bauer Complete todays Bellringer if necessary defend, challenge, or qualify Gladwells argument Begin reviewing Chapter 1 vocabulary pgs. This course aims to help students better prepare for the test by acquainting them with the test format, helping them understand how answers are evaluated, and providing the necessary practice for success. Using this guide, they analyze rubrics and model student essays as well as writing their own essays in response to specific prompts. While preparing students to take the Advanced Placement Test in English Language and Composition, this course provides training in prose analysis as well as descriptive, analytical and persuasive writing. The Instructor grades the paragraph, paying special attention to citation format and the fluid incorporation of source material, before students embark upon the synthesis essay. Kennedys inauguration speech and discussing within their process letter the moments in which Kennedy most effectively reaches his audience, what he wants people to believe about his leadership, and how he uses schemes and tropes to achieve his goals. This lesson replicates the essay portion of the AP exam, giving students the opportunity to reflect upon their time management skills, how well they are able to organize their thoughts into quick plans of attack before drafting, and generally giving them a sense of what they need to work on in the coming months. Write a thesis statement and examples of support for the writing prompt given in class. With a focus on providing specific, constructive suggestions for revision, each student writes extensive comments for several anonymously posted Lesson 1 essays. Some persuasivefreeresponse questions are more free than others, so its important to read directions carefully. Process letters are graded based upon the amount of time and effort they reflect. After reading examples of each approach, students first disassemble a previously written essay, using either a formal outline or a blueprint structure to identify main ideas, supporting ideas and details. In this lesson students practice different forms of planning, including detailed outlines and quick plans of attack designed to help organize thoughts quickly for a timed essay. Are you aware of a country that oppresses the pursuit of happiness. What consequences have you observed. In your own family, school, or other peer group, have you ever seen the right to pursue happiness abused or misused in a way that changed or strengthened your opinion. Your own experience can often be a valid way of interpreting a general truth. Make sure you understand the prompt. CliffsAP before you send this assignment, you should also look over Part 1 Introduction, p 39, and include as part of this lessons letter any questions that arise. These can include not only the news of the world around you, but also your own personal experience. Finally, each student writes an essay formally analyzing the rhetorical elements employed in his or her own creative work. Students then read Jonathan Swifts A Modest Proposal and view a clip from Jon Stewarts Daily Show, analyzing the rhetorical strategies, elements of satire, and ultimate purpose of each. Thus, students complete the discussion before turning to the essay. They discuss what worked best for them in the planning stage, how they budgeted their time, what rhetorical and stylistic elements worked best within their essays, and what they would do differently for a better result. Students use their textbook, their student handbook, the introductory letter for the course and other sources to create a synthesis paragraph providing information about the AP exam.
Recall what you learned in Level 3 or its equivalent CTY Summer Programs course if you want to use a personal experience to make a point, include enough specific, evocative detail to help your reader identify with you or the character you discuss. You might be asked to take both sides before issuing an opinion, or you might be directed toward a particular topic in the prompt. The process letter accompanying each lesson is an informal selfassessment of about a page in length, in which students are invited to explain and evaluate their process, from planning through drafting and proofreadingrevision. Many students appreciate this opportunity for creative expression amidst the rigors of formal analysis. Unless otherwise indicated, all final writing assignments are essays written from past AP prompts found in the 3 This lesson introduces the basics of the course and exam, describing rhetorical analysis, persuasive and synthesis essays. Please be sure to also attach This webbased distance writing AP English Language and Composition course spans seven months, ending in April just before the exam is administered, and consists of fourteen lessons completed every two weeks, the majority culminating in a formal essay along with accompanying readings, discussions and writing workshops.

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  • AP English Language and Composition. Search this site. Home; Unit 1; Unit 2;. Mr. Adam Frick). Is an undergraduation education irrelevant.

For example, in one discussion students read Booker T. I know that request immediately makes you want to read the tests, but dont look at the test questions if you want your practice essays to mimic accurately the experience youll have in the actual exam. Finish reading The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Identify at least 2 themes from the poem. The goal of this lesson is to create focused, arguable, complex and elegant thesis statements that answer all parts of a posed question. Students read and evaluate sample essays based upon an AP prompt analyzing MichelGuillaumeJean de Crevecoeurs Swovelin 48. Students post a working thesis statement for their Researched Argument, along with an outline and Works Cited list instructors quickly return detailed feedback and suggestions for revision. This lesson, also known as Punch up to 5, focuses on the identification and effective employment of schemes and tropes within writing. Weve chosen this affordable guide because it includes a clear view of the overall test and numerous practice tests based on actual past exams. Next students write a piece in which they use metaphor to convey their attitude toward an idea, event or experience without resorting to clich.
The lesson first explains the purpose and function of metaphor, directing students to a passage by John Updike 229 as an example of what metaphor can accomplish. As part of their comparison students must consider context, purpose and audience as well as rhetorical devices, and end with an evaluative thesis declaring one or the other more successful in presenting his message. In addition to reviewing with plenty of examples such literary terms as diction, connotation, denotation, syntax, parallelism, metaphor, structure and tone, this lesson explains the process of making inferences and collecting evidence from a text. We will use this resource as often as possible, often using the supplied test questions. Students look at the successful use of concessions and qualifications in a strong thesis, along with the analysis and revision of several weak thesis statements. Use evidence from your observations, experience, or reading to develop your position. Besides your reading you can also use your own observations. Please consider these discussions an essential aspect of the course. Washington and Others, and answer questions about each authors purpose and audience as well as the influence of his background upon the position he takes.

Finally, in addition to work on essays, students practice and analyze the multiplechoice portion of the exam. In addition to practicing essay testtaking techniques, organization and time management, students study the interactions among subject, authorial purpose, audience needs, generic conventions, and the resources of the English language. Most successful essays would paraphrase or reflect the prompt, define any terms that need defining such as pursuit and happiness, and then issue an opinion on the subject and support the opinion with other sources. This essay, a comparison of two letters, offers a great opportunity for studying satire. Their revisions must be quite comprehensive, showing evidence of careful thought and planning, to earn a high grade. Can you think of any characters from literature that chose to pursue happiness and thus can illustrate either the necessity or the danger of adhering to this right. Rich, complex texts that have stood the test of time often make good sources because they touch on important themes.
While teachers and serious literature students frown and even glower at the idea of substituting a readers guide for the actual READING of a novel, the same company that prints CliffsNotes publishes a series of comprehensive AP Study Guides. Knowledge of persuasive appeals will help them evaluate sources for Lesson 4s synthesis essay, as well as helping them to construct their own arguments. Successful essays dont just rant and rave with hopefully eloquently phrased opinions. The course is also offered in a 12 week intensive summer session. Recall what you learned in Level 4 or its equivalent CTY Summer Programs course Your main point should be clearly articulated in an identifiable thesis. While preparing students to take the Advanced Placement Test in English Language and Composition, this course provides training inanalysis of literary nonfiction as well as analytical and persuasive writing. Deaf history essay. Each revision must not only respond to instructor suggestions, but also make use of at least one scheme and one trope. However, most require the essayist to at least say In John Does novel X, in which insert basic plot summary here. You arent expected to be able to quote extensively, but you can quickly introduce the source by summarizing it and then draw out the specific actionsoutcomes that illustrate the point being made chapter education language composition mr. Online class discussions are often based upon posted readings covering a variety of rhetorical genres, from such writers as Annie Dillard, W. You are to use evidence from your observation, experience, or reading to develop your position. Though each assignment may include specific questions you should ask yourself about your composing process, this letter is generally an opportunity for you to reflect on how you accomplished the assignment, to analyze what worked or didnt work, and to ask any questions that occurred to you about the reading or your writing. Although essays are also awarded letter grades, critiques emphasize encouragement and concrete suggestions for ways to improve. Along with instructor feedback, each student receives at least one workshop critique from his or her peers in the class, and completes one comprehensive revision based upon comments.

Begin reviewing academic vocabulary comprehensive test coming 124 or 125. This reflection prepares them for the comprehensive revision they will do in Lesson 8. If the essay can be categorized as free response, then the question may use a brief passage or aphorism, such as asking you to discuss the meaning of the pursuit of happiness. Homework 2014. Next, they revise their essay based upon the comments. Next, they revise their essay based upon the comments. Make sure you include a summary or paraphrase that shows that you fully get what the prompt suggests. Most AP teachers on the College Boards AP English email list endorse the use of a study guide. A question that supplies a lengthy passage requires that the student demonstrate comprehension, but having less to stimulate your thoughts poses its own challenges.

Baltimore, Maryland CTY is accredited for grades K through 12 by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools. Put your full name and CTY Student ID at the beginning of the file and in the body of your email message. Sources for this evidence can be roughly divided into two categories Although you wont have outside texts with you during testing, you can impress your graders with your ability to recall examples from books youve read that support your ideas. In addition to practicing essay testtaking techniques, organization and time management, students use a variety of posted readings and discussion questions to explore the interactions among subject, authorial purpose, audience needs, generic conventions, and the resources of the English language. Process letters help students to plan revisions, as well as to gain comfort and confidence with the process of selfevaluation. This is a 45 page research paper defending a position on an issue presented back in Discussion 9. Critiques explain successes and delineate problems needing further work chapter education language composition mr. What you accomplish should help you enter the test and your future college courses with the confidence that comes from knowing that you can express and support your opinions clearly and solidly. ReadPrepare for Panel Discussion Panel Discussion will take place ThursdayFriday. The lessons written component asks students to defend, based upon opposing philosophical statements by Immanuel Kant and JeanPaul Sarte, their own definition of what makes a person good. If the question contains two parts, dont neglect one part of it.

After you write your essay, you will compose a note that discusses the process of accomplishing this feat. In response to student essays, instructors comment on form, style, and content, generally holding students work to collegelevel standards.

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Is an undergraduation education irrelevant. AP English Language and Composition Course Information. CliffsNotes AP English Language and Composition, Redo Exercise 1 from Chapter 2 of They SayI Say or comment what. AP English Language Composition Syllabus Instructor Mr. Politics and the English Language by George Orwell. From The Language of Composition by Renee H.

AP Language and Composition. Advice for AP English Language and Composition Teachers.
Arends AP Language and Composition blog. AP English Course Description. AP English Language and Composition. SUMMER READING FOR AP ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND COMPOSITIONAMERICAN. O Chapter 1 An Introduction to Rhetoric. Home Unit 1 Unit 2. Washington and Others, and.

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Chapter 1. About AP English Language and Composition. Advice for AP English Language and Composition Teachers. Education Systems Undermine Student Aspirations.


AP Language and Composition. Mr. Arends AP Language and Composition blog..Politics and the English Language. by George Orwell.

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